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Author: Gabbie

Gardening The Rainbow: The Color Purple, Eggplant Bacon and Purple Okra!

Color me happy! Harvesting a Cosmic Purple Carrot from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a beautiful way to start a morning. I discovered an actual carrot had formed and not the just carrot thinnings that I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks. I could have let it get bigger, but I was too excited. My garden used to be shades of mostly yellow, red and green, but I love color, and because I have had so much success with my Garden Anywhere Boxes, I decided to plant more of the rainbow. I decided on the color purple. I saw...

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This is one of those products that will undoubtedly hit the national and international markets soon. It has ONE flaw..there should be THIS fine print on the instructions… (AND I’M NOT KIDDING): “Be very prepared for success! Your tomatoes are going to be loaded up and you need to stake them and cage them or they may not hold up to their production, cucumbers, squash..all of it is going to do better than what you are used to.. do prepare for this early by caging, staking etc… unbelievable. You should stop by our shop and see ours!” Julie S. Big...

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Greenhouse Harvest

Cabbage…red and green, kale, chard, spinach, beets, eucalyptus and flowers. For those of you who are new to Garden Anywhere Box, I take photos of my daily harvests to show you that if I can be a successful gardener, so can you. I was a total “brown thumb” in our traditional garden, but I can garden in a box. Our mission at Garden Anywhere Box is to give hope to the hopeless. If you have tried to garden but can’t due to time, space or ability, consider Garden Anywhere Box. It truly is an easier and successful way to garden. No weeding. Automatic Watering. Portable. This photo is completely unedited with very little early morning light. Look at that beautiful February harvest! You can have this kind of success easily with Garden Anywhere...

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