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Author: Gabbie

Gardening in the Winter

I am grateful for a little greenhouse to putter around in this winter. I am even more grateful for our watering system. We have a 15 gallon barrel connected to our watering system and 16 Garden Anywhere Boxes that we are wintering over. We have been filling the barrel daily recently as the sun has been out and is warming the inside of the greenhouse. I’m so glad that that our garden is watered automatically even in the winter! Garden Anywhere Box is partnering with a greenhouse manufacturer in Edmond, OK. Phocas Farms makes commercial greenhouses, but wants to provide smaller greenhouses for the backyard gardener. Our products are a perfect fit. Because Garden Anywhere Box is portable, you can move your garden inside and garden year ’round. A greenhouse makes it easy to house several boxes for a winter...

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Changing Our Mindset

It is important to have the freedom that gardening provides. I have always been into preparedness. I plan for “what if” and “someday”. I don’t live in fear and I don’t hoard food, but I believe that if we are prepared for what may come, we have no need to fear. That is a good feeling. Garden Anywhere Box can give you peace of mind and help you be prepared for “what if”. You can change your mindset from, “I can’t garden” or “I have a brown thumb” or ” I kill everything” to “I can grow my own...

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Using Rain Barrels With Your Watering System

One blue barrel is hooked up to the rain spout which will funnel rain water in. Both barrels are full of water. The barrels are linked together with tubing which is also linked to the Garden Anywhere Boxes. If it is dry for a while and we run out of rain water, the outside faucet will automatically kick into gear and water the plants. This is a box of kale that you see. Notice the dog dish! With this watering system, even the dog is not forgotten. Fresh water everytime they...

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