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Author: Gabbie

Regrow Celery in a Garden Anywhere Box!

I saw a post on Pinterest a while back about veggies that you can regrow in your kitchen. I’ve tried to regrow carrots and the occasional avocado seed, but I got bored. I never had much luck, until…I tried celery. I really like regrowing celery. I make my own chicken broth and use carrots, celery and onions. I save the last 4 inches or so of the stalk of celery and put it in water. In just a couple of days, I have celery regrowth. I let it get a little bigger, changing the water daily, and then stick...

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Garden Anywhere Box: Ready To Go Anywhere

From the Journal Record (July 2014): NEWALLA – Larry Pierce said his Garden Anywhere Box is ready to go anywhere, particularly developing nations where agricultural resources are so difficult to come by. “Whether it be the Southwest here in the United States with our drought, or an apartment building where you don’t have much space, or some other country where they’re just struggling to get by, I think this could make a real difference,” the Newalla businessman said. “We’re trying to think big and go global as a business, but we’d also like to help out people who can’t...

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Lessons Learned In the Garden

As I reflect back on the summer of 2013, I’d like to share what I’ve learned. One thing I learned this summer is that I really do love to garden. I have not always felt this way. I have tolerated gardening, but I have not loved it. This year I had so much fun taking pictures of what I was growing. I looked forward to going out each morning to see what was ready to pick, finding just the right spot to photograph my basket and then sharing it with others. Another thing that I learned is that there...

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