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Author: Letitia Pierce

Companion Planting

Fellow gardeners, If you do not know about or use companion planting in your garden, I urge you to experiment this gardening season. Here is a guide from Mother Earth showing suggestions on what plants complement each other and what does not. I usually plant about 20 corn kernels in my boxes. Usually… the corn does fine. Last year, I planted four different kinds of corn. I did not harvest much at all. I was plagued with raccoons. They knew…exactly…when it was time to harvest the corn and beat me to it every time. This year, I am...

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Flood, Hail, Drought or Freeze…Gardening in GAB is a Breeze!

  These are four of our GABs that we moved out from the greenhouse to the back deck. I love GAB for so many reasons, but one is that no matter the weather, GAB comes through. Flood:When we gardened in the ground years ago, it was not unusual for a big rain to come through and wash out all of our hard work. That does not happen with GAB. The plastic on the top of the box keeps the weeds out, but it also keeps excess moisture out. Your garden will not wash away with a heavy rain. Hail:...

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Don’t Give Up! There is Hope. GAB Works!

Welcome to our new gardening friends. We are happy that you are here. Garden Anywhere Box is committed to helping you discover an easier way to garden. No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable.   I love GAB so much. It has given me hope that I can be a successful gardener.   We talk to people all the time who tell us that they can’t garden. Believe me, I hear you. I was one of those people. We were at the OKC Home Show last weekend. A couple walked by our booth and said that they had given up on...

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Planting Guide

I HAVE SET UP MY GARDEN ANYWHERE BOX. NOW WHAT? HOW DO I PLANT IT? After you get your GAB’s set up, it is time to plant seeds or plants. If you are new to gardening, it might be easier to start with plants. Cut about a 1 1/2 inch X into the plastic on either side of the fertilizer strip. Caution: You do not plant over the fertilizer strip down the middle. Too much fertilizer will kill your plants.  Look at the planting guide and determine what you want to plant. The Planting Guide is just a suggestion. You may...

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