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Garden Anywhere Box: Gardening So Easy, It’s Magic

Garden Anywhere Box: Gardening So Easy, It’s Magic

Garden Anywhere Box Pricing

Whether you are just looking to add on to your existing Garden Anywhere garden, or you are just beginning, we have what you need to begin a garden so simple and easy to grow, it’s like magic.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

This is one of those products that will undoubtedly hit the national and international markets soon. It has ONE flaw..there should be THIS fine print on the instructions… (AND I’M NOT KIDDING): 

“Be very prepared for success! Your tomatoes are going to be loaded up and you need to stake them and cage them or they may not hold up to their production, cucumbers, squash..all of it is going to do better than what you are used to.. do prepare for this early by caging, staking etc… unbelievable. You should stop by our shop and see ours!”

Julie S.

I will never see gardening the same way! My plants are HUGE compared to what they have been in the past at this stage of growth. I am already harvesting. My husband is COMPLETELY sold on the boxes! We are getting them for our adult children for Christmas this year! Thank you so much!

Deborah O.

I have a Garden Anywhere Box and it’s a great way to garden in military base housing. I can grow on my back porch and not worry about fixing my backyard when I move (again)! Thank you for your invention…looking forward to spring!”

Christopher S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What IS a Garden Anywhere Box?

Garden Anywhere Box is a unique self-watering container garden.

What makes Garden Anywhere Box different from any other container garden?

Garden Anywhere Box is different from other container gardens because of our unique and exclusive (patent-pending) watering system.

No other container garden is like Garden Anywhere Box because our boxes are connected to our unique automatic watering system. which is connected through tubing to an outdoor faucet, garden hose or rain barrel. They are then watered automatically through a gravity-fed process. You can go on vacation and your garden will still be watered while you are gone.

Does Garden Anywhere Box come in different colors?

Currently we are in the process of creating many beautiful colors to coordinate with your landscaping and home! As soon as they are available, you will be able to choose which color(s) you prefer during the ordering process.

Would this be a good product for children?

Gardening with Garden Anywhere Box is so simple, it’s like magic. And it’s even more magical for children. Because of the ease of this system, you can be confident that children will be able to learn and grow along with their vegetables and herbs! Garden Anywhere Box is excited to announce the Garden Anywhere Sprites Collection, which comes in whimsical colors and is sized just right for junior gardeners!

And if it’s a fairy garden you want to grow among the herbs and flowers, we will soon be offering the delightful and whimisical Fairies Collection, which will be the perfect fairy garden for your children!

Do you do any non-profit work or give back to the community?

Yes, we do!

We are excited to offer our Garden Anyhwere School Fundraiser as a way for schools to have a year ’round gardening experience in the classroom and to help raise money for things that teachers and students need.

Students can sell our Garden Anywhere Box Starter Kit which includes 3 Garden Anywhere Boxes and our exclusive (patent pending) watering system. For each Starter Kit sold, the school will earn $25. If 100 Starter Kits are sold, the school will earn $2,500.

There is no time limit for this fundraiser. No matter what time of year, your school will get $25 of the sale. Unlike candy bars or candles, Garden Anywhere Box is something that will last and benefit the school far past the time that the candy is eaten and the candle has burned out.

Is the plastic safe? Can I grow organic produce in a Garden Anywhere Box?

Our manufacturer has assured us that the plastic is safe. We are so certain it is safe, we use it for our own family. Garden Anywhere Boxes can grow organic produce. You just need to choose organic potting mix and fertlizer to start growing organic immediately!

Is this just dirt in a box? Or is it hydroponics? Aquaponics?

No. It’s potting mix. There is a water reservoir in the bottom of the box, but the Garden Anywhere Box is not a hydroponic garden. We use potting mix as the growing medium.

It is also not aquaponics. You can hook your boxes and watering system up to a rain barrel and put some fish in it. Then you would get the benefit of “fish fertilizer” in your water. That is as close to aquaponics as we get!

Should I use potting mix or soil?

We recommend potting mix. Soil can compact and will not wick up the water like potting mix. Purchase a 2 cubic feet bag of potting mix for each Garden Anywhere Box.

Do I have to replace the potting mix every year?

No. Your potting mix should last for several years. We’ve been using the same potting mix for almost ten years. You will need to replace a little bit of potting mix each year due to loss as you pull up plant roots. You also might consider dumping out your potting mix, aerating it, let the sun bake it for a couple of days and then put it back in your Garden Anywhere Box to extend the number of seasons it will last.

Is it really that easy to use the Garden Anywhere Box?

Yes. Fill your box with potting mix. You’ll need about 2 cubic feet. Mix in 2 cups of dolomite (prevents blossom end rot), a strip (about 1 cup) of fertilizer down the center length-wise and the cover over the top. These three things are provided with your Garden Anywhere Box. We call this a Grow Pack.  Once the black plastic covering is in place, you can start planting your seeds or plants.

Is there anything I need to replace to continue using the Garden Anywhere Box?

Yes. Each gardening season, you will need to get a new Grow Pack. This consists of fertlilizer, dolomite and the plastic covering that keeps weeds out and moisture in. You can order it here or you can source it locally at gardening or hardware stores.

Can I grow tomatoes?

Yes! Tomatoes grow exceptionally well. You can grow two tomato plants to a box with a few herbs or flowers sprinkled in.

Because the plastic cover is dark, will the plants get too hot?

We have never experienced that and this is our eighth year of gardening in a box. Once the plants are up and growing, they cover the plastic. Because of the boxes being connected by tubing, there is an almost constant flow of cool water to the reservoirs. In fact, we have been told that tomato plants stop producing when it reaches 90 degrees or higher. That has not been our experience. As long as the boxes have a constant supply of water, our tomato plants produce in temperatures of over 100 degrees…all summer long.

What can I grow in a Garden Anywhere Box?

You can grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Almost everything that you can grow in the ground, you can grow in a box. You can plant seeds or plants, but if you are new to gardening, please do some research. You can plant bigger seeds directly into the box, but you should plant smaller seeds in seed starters and transfer them to a bigger container before you transplant them to a GAB.

Tomatoes need to be started in a seed starter and then moved to a larger container. If you do not let them get a bit bigger, they might not make a smooth transition and may die.  Growing in a Garden Anywhere Box is fairly foolproof, but there are still basic gardening rules that you need to follow.

What if my plants die?

 Sometimes plants die–even in a Garden Anywhere Box. If a plant dies or is not thriving, pull it up and plant something else. It’s that easy. Don’t waste the space on something that is not producing.

Did you really grow all that produce in those boxes?

Yes, we did. We have about seventy active boxes. Every vegetable that you see, we grew. Every picture that you see, we took.

Çonsider these numbers:

  • 20 ears of corn (from a single Garden Anywhere Box)
  • 20 cantalope, (also, one box)
  • 5 watermelon

Hundreds of peppers, hundreds of tomatoes…you get the picture! The Garden Anywhere Box can produce prolifically, spontaneously, and EASILY, almost like magic. It’s a little like being in a tropical climate because of the abundant growth!

Are they really portable?

The boxes are portable. When filled with water and potting mix, the boxes are heavy, but can still be moved using a regular dolly or a little platform dolly from the hardware store.

If you don’t like where you placed your garden, move it.  If you move, you can take your garden with you. This is a wonderful feature for renters and those who move frequently.

If you prefer, you can drain the water by removing a tube or clamp and refill your box when you get it where you want it to go. Because the boxes are portable, you can garden year ’round. If you have a greenhouse or a room inside your home with light and heat, you can move Garden Anywhere Box inside and extend your growing season.

What about water usage? I live in a drought prone area and have water restrictions. Would this work?

The beauty of Garden Anywhere Box is that you can’t overwater. If you have our exclusive (patent-pending) watering system, your boxes will be watered automatically, so you won’t have to worry about watering your garden at all.

Garden Anywhere Box uses up to 70% less water than a traditional garden so it is perfect for drought prone areas. The plastic on top keeps the weeds out, but it also keeps the moisture in. Water is wicked up through the potting mix to the roots. It travels through the plant and is evaporated into the air. This sytems results in zero water waste.

When can I start my gardening season?

The great thing about Garden Anywhere Box is that you can garden year ’round.

Because the boxes are portable, you can start your garden indoors. You can garden during the winter if you have proper lighting. In the spring, when the weather warms up, you can move your garden outside.

You don’t have to wait for the ground to thaw or worry about rain washing your garden away. You can grow cool weather crops like lettuce, broccoli and cabbage.

You can garden in the summer. Just change out the Grow Pack and you are ready to plant. Summer is the time for tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and okra. You can even grow corn if you want.

You can garden in the fall. Grow pumpkins, squash and other cool weather crops. When the weather turns cold, move a few boxes inside and continue gardening.

How do I get my boxes ready for winter?

It’s easy. If you are moving your boxes inside or into a greenhouse, you might want to drain the water out of the boxes to make them a little lighter. To drain the water, pull off the tubes at each end of your Garden Anywhere Box and let the water drain out. It does not matter that a small amount of water will be left in the bottom. Use a dolly to move your boxes where you want them to go.

If you are not going to garden over the winter, drain your boxes. You can choose to pull up old plants or wait until the spring when you are ready to redress your boxes and get them ready for the next growing season.


My friends and I are all interested in the Garden Anywhere Box. How do I get one?

If you live in the Greater Oklahoma City area, you can place an order for delivery.

If you are anywhere in the United States, you can order online or call at 405.818.2599

You can also host a Garden Anywhere Party.  You must have a minimum group of 15. We’ll come over, have about a 20 minute program showing what we’ve grown and show how to put your garden together. If the party sales are at least $400, you get a free Garden Anywhere Box.

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