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Getting Started With Your Garden Anywhere Box

Getting Started With Your Garden Anywhere Box

I just got my Garden Anywhere Box. Now what do I do?

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Garden Anywhere Box.

Fill your box with potting mix. You’ll need about 2 cubic feet.

First fill in the wicking chambers (and press down hard to ensure your wicking chambers are tightly filled to provide optimal wicking, Then fill in the box ½ way up with more potting mix.

Mix in 2 cups of dolomite (prevents blossom end rot), a strip (about 1 cup) of fertilizer down the center length-wise and the cover over the top.

These three things are provided with your Garden Anywhere Box. We call this a Grow Pack.

Once the black plastic covering is in place, you can start planting your seeds or plants.

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