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The Garden Anywhere Automatic Watering System

Watering A Garden Cannot Get Easier!

Garden Anywhere Box is different from other container gardens because of our unique and exclusive (patent-pending) watering system. No other container garden is like it.

Boxes are connected by tubing (like boxcars) and the tubing is connected to the GAB Watering System.

The Automatic Watering System is connected to an outdoor faucet, garden hose or rain barrel.

The Garden Anywhere Boxes are now watered automatically through a gravity-fed process.

Go on vacation with no worries and come back to an automatically watered, growing garden!

Never Overwater Your Garden Again!

The beauty of Garden Anywhere Box is that you can’t overwater. There is a small drain hole on the side that alerts users to overwatering.  You DO need to check your boxes to make sure that there is water in the reservoir. With our exclusive watering system, your boxes will be watered automatically! You won’t have to worry about over or under watering again!

Join Thousands of Other Happy Gardeners Today!

Order today and receive our exclusive self-watering system with your starter kit!

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